How to select amazing pictures for your website

Selecting amazing pictures for your website is easier than you might think! With this quick and simple guide you will not only select amazing pictures for your website but also the right pictures to help your dream customers connect with your offers and the results you can get them.

The most important point to consider when choosing the best pictures for your website is your dream customers and the results that you can get them, no matter if you are just planning your first brand photo shoot or are about to select your stock pictures online. Your dream customer should always be at the heart of what you do & what you want to present to them online.

You might wonder how you can build a connection with someone that never met you & get them to connect with you and your offers.

David Alan Harvey described the trick in finding this amazing pictures for your website ( & potentially all of your marketing material) in a simple 2 sentence quote:

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like." David Alan Harvey

You do want to underline the feeling of how it will be like for your dream customers to achieve the results that they dreamed of with your visuals.

Let's look at an example. Let's imagine you are a coach who helps their clients with mindfulness and stress relief. Your dream clients are busy corporate professionals who are looking to overcome their stressful daily routine and incorporate more mindfulness in their life.

The next question we would ask ourselves is: Why do they want to include more mindfulness and relaxation in their life?

Probably because they want to feel calmer, happy and at ease, so that they can handle what ever stressful situation life throws at them.

Okay, so why would they want to do that? This question is actually targeting the deeper emotional benefit that your dream customers are looking for. The answers to this questions could be, that they want to feel more happy in themselves to more enjoy the little things in life. They might want to feel more at ease & calm throughout the week so they can fully enjoy the quality time with their family at the weekends. Or they might want to feel more energetic to become more active.

Now that we know what our dream customers desired outcome is and which results they are craving, this is what we would want to see in the pictures you select for your website.

We would want to see the result we can get for this dream client of ours that they crave. Calmness, relaxation and the feeling of being at ease.

We could choose pictures that are connected to nature, bright and calming. Like a breath of fresh air to the often hierarchical structures of corporate life that our dream customers are looking to leave behind.

We would then construct the pictures and storytelling aspect of our website around this deeper underlying desire and benefits that we can deliver for our clients.

It helps to choose a common theme for your visuals at the beginning, here for example: nature, brightness and feeling a breath of fresh air which would flow like a red line through our visuals & website, guiding our website visitors through a user experience.

Keep in mind to keep you pictures relevant to your business & your customers as you will want to include alt text to make them appear in google image searches which will help you to increase your visibility to potential new customers.