How to create a website: 5 smart things to boost conversion

You decided to create a website, that is great! But what's next?

Creating a website is easier than you might think!

This quick and easy guide will not only tell you where to start, but also help you to create a website that attracts your dream customers and boost conversion!

how to create a website that converts

Think about WHY you want to have a website.

Before you are getting started to create a website you should want to be clear on what the goal for your website is. What can your website give you? What is your ultimate goal?

In most cases the answer will be gaining new customers or keeping in touch with existing ones. Because let's be honest, we would not create a website if we wouldn't get anything out of it, right?

Why spend the time to create a website that is just a nice to have but of no real purpose to us?

Now that we know that the main purpose & goal of a website is to attract customers we know that at the core of everything we do when we create a website is the customer we want to attract.

Ideal Customer & Customer journey

So how do we create a website that is all about our dream customers & makes them want to do business with us? As a first step we will need to know as much as possible about our dream customers that we want to help with our products & services.

What motivates them? What are their values? What pain points & frustrations do they have? And most importantly which results are they looking for?

We can then start to create a website around our dream customers and the results they want to achieve, so that they can really connect to our offers.

The next step to create a website that converts is to map the customer journey. And in this step it is up to you to get creative!

Create a website customer journey

Get out your post-it notes, whiteboard markers, white sheets of paper and map out what you as an ideal customer would want to see when landing on your website.

Create a 'yellow brick road' that will guide your custo