How to choose the perfect website template for your business

The first step when creating your own website on a website builder is to choose your perfect website template.

While the aesthetic of your website template is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria, you do want to make sure to not make the aesthetic of the template the only criteria to choose your website.


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One of the most important steps to consider when choosing your perfect website template is your offerings and what you want your website to achieve for you.

It will help you to go through the following questions before you are getting started with your website design:

  • What do you want your website to achieve for you? (e.g. generate more leads? Generate more sales? Brand visibility?)

  • What would your customers expect to see on your website? E.g. Would they want to book online, or would they rather pick up the phone to make an appointment?

  • Do you want to offer online bookings?

  • Do you want to offer online sales?

  • Do you want to promote events?

  • Do you want to offer challenges?

  • Do you want to offer a blog?

  • Will you use email marketing?

Prioritize the features of your website template versus the aesthetics. This will save you a lot of time in adjusting the template for your purposes later on. It will be quicker for you to adjust your template for colors and images versus including new service sections and features.