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Create a website you can't wait to show off to your dream customers!

& go online in a week!

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You are an entrepreneur & want to bring your business online. 

You want to wow your dream customers with a professional website & bring your message to the masses.

But you have no clue

how to go about it?

Just thinking about tech makes you want to tear your hair out.


You want to look as professional on-line as off-line but you're struggling to create a website that truly represents yourself and your expertise.


You know how important first impressions are and just the thought of a failed DIY attempt makes you shiver down your spine as looking like an amateur is your worst nightmare.

You're hands on in your business and it is important for you to know how things work.


You  want to actively grow your business & don't wait for ages for a designer to make small changes to your site every time your business evolves. 

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You could create a professional branded website that your dream customers will love.


You could create your site in less than a week & present yourself as the expert you truly are.

You could create a site that helps you to create conversions & sales on autopilot.

No coding. No googling. No desperate posting in online forums. No begging your techy friend to help you out.

You could confidently manage your site going forward & don't need a development or design team to make this little changes that happen while your business grows.

Our Website Kits

are different

Our Website Kits are pre-designed website templates, that were specifically designed with conversion aspects in mind, to help your visitors to fall in love with your offers.

But we don't stop there. We are here to help you launch your successful online business and not to only help you to launch a website!


This is why all of our website kits include access to our online training academy. In the academy we walk you step by step through the design process, and how to adjust your website for your business. We'll talk you through how to change each page and also how to add or remove elements from your site or add further features. 

We also teach you how to use your website going forward and give you exactly the information you need (and not the one you don't need) to automate your business using WIX.

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breeze phone.jpg
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Our super simple

3 step method

We help you to define your brand and launch your website in no time. This is why our signature 3 step method helps you to gain the confidence you need to define your website in simple steps that are designed to help you to go online fast and without the overwhelm.

No worries, we are there to help you along the way. In case of template related issues just drop us an email and we are with you right away, we are also able to log into your website and solve any template issues for you.

And did you know? We also have a FB group for fab female entrepreneurs who use WIX to run their online business.



Get the basics right!
Use our useful how-to-guides to define your audience, write web copy that converts & choose your brand colors and imagery



Get Creative!

Start working on your side and swap the pics, colours & copy. Learn how to add your logo & any other features you like!



Launch & save time!
Launch your website with our easy pre-launch checklist & get found on google. Learn how to save time through invoice automations & much more!

Are our website kits

right for you?

Our handcrafted website kits are your perfect match if,

You want to stand out from the digital crowd

You are not afraid to show off & leave your competition behind

You want to DIY your design & be actively involved in designing what you love

You want to be able to manage your website by yourself going forward, so that your digital presence can grow at the same pace than your business

You want to manage your website through a super easy to use all in one platform 

You do NOT want to spend £,£££ on a custom website & NOT want to wait ages for the finished product

There are a million reasons why to not start working on your website. BUT, let's face it - when you don't have a website you're potentially leaving money on the table ready for your competitors to take.

Your website is an too important part of your business to ignore, especially if you can make sure that it does a lot of your work for you and saves you the time to invest elsewhere in your business!

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Why it's the perfect time to work on your website


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